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The objective of Organized Indeed is to help homeowners and businesses in Seattle to professionally organize all areas of their home and office. It is a confidential and professional organizing service in Seattle Washington dedicated to meeting your custom needs.

Reasons for needing my services:

Moving in or out? Need help packing or unpacking or organizing for the move.

Buying a new car? Need space in the garage.

Selling your home? Need to prepare for an "Open House" by uncluttering rooms and closets, giving the appearance of more space.

Renting a room? Need help cleaning out that extra bedroom.

Having a garage sale? Need to sort out and organize items to sell.

Starting a new hobby? Need to create space for it.

Bulging closets? Need to sort out and reorganize for more room.

Holiday help? Need gifts wrapped, cards written, help decorating or preparing for visitors.

Death of a spouse? Need help sorting out belongings?

Piles of paper? Need to sort out and toss or file paperwork or pay bills?

Starting a new business? Need to create a filing system or organize office space.

On a budget and rooms seem too small or just need a change? Reorganize furniture and belongings, adding personal touches.

Preventing arson/fire hazard? Need help cleaning out junk in and around the house.

Have a boring patio or balcony? Need to create a garden atmosphere.

Organized Indeed is owned and operated by Barbara Caldecoat, a veteran professional organizer in the Seattle organizing business since 1994, and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Being organized isn't being perfect. It is getting rid of clutter and excess that encumbers your life or work habits, then creating a "home" for things in an orderly manner so you know where to find them quickly.

There are many reasons a person may feel or be disorganized -- and may even feel overwhelmed by it all. Even organized people may be temporarily disorganized and need assistance to get back on track. Don't worry! I can help you! I will be not be critical like a family member or friend might be. I will work right along side of you to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So create an organized home or office -- eliminate time searching for papers and specific items. Save yourself money by not buying things you already have. Get organized and get the help you need today.

References are available upon request.

Call Barbara, a professional organizer, today at (206) 525-0564 to set up an appointment or request more details.